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Such seems to be the case for Brandy Clark, a 36-year-old singer-songwriter whose star is rising. Brandy made her network television debut on last night, playing her single “Stripes,” a toe-tapping Johnny Cash-inspired ditty about going to prison over finding your lover in bed with someone else. I would feel that way if I was straight.”Brandy says she writes songs from personal experiences, but also through voices of characters ( “My life is pretty boring. And he sang about it like he did.”) but many of those characters appear to be straight based on the explicit gendering of her songs.(“You were lyin’ there with nothing on/But a goofy little grin and a platinum blonde.”)“I don’t write songs for straight people or gay people or black people or white people. Here’s the chorus for “Crazy Women”: is a terrific country album, one with more depth than others on the Top 10 charts, exploring familiar themes with a more wry sense of humor or dark honesty recalling the man in black more than Taylor Swift‘s “I’ll write a song about you” method of revenge.If you know Brandi Carlile’s music, you love Brandi Carlile’s music. The three-person rock and roll band, named after one human woman, consists of Brandi Carlile herself and Tim and Phil Hanseroth, two brothers who everyone refers to as “The Twins.” The singing and songwriting and instrument playing trio make unfathomably beautiful music together and have been for 15 years.It’s music that bends and winds, sometimes stopping at gorgeous storytelling and harmonies, other times manifesting as crank-it-all-the-way-up garage rock.“You know, somebody working at a bank or checking out groceries.The song that that woman in particular would write if she were to write a song. It’s not one person’s fight, or even Brandy’s explicit want, most likely, to challenge the notions that country music can include LGBT people that are listening to the genre.

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We also learned that in addition to being the badass musician that she is, she’s chock full of girl power advice for young musicians. The pressure of having to do a set somewhere and know a lot of songs, and know how to play them, and present yourself, was kind of lifted because there were new people walking by every two seconds.starts with 42,000 sold, according to Nielsen Music. Despite an impressive 22 hits tallied on the chart, including 13 top 10s, the alt-metal band previously led only with "Lifeline" for six weeks in 2009.