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07-Nov-2016 06:18

You can now use ubuntu-drivers to get the list of packages for each driver, and then install the packages using apt-get.For example: With a Ge Force 7600, after installation of the nvidia driver in Ubuntu 14.04 some text and icons are rendered incorrectly, sometimes content is displayed distorted in a triangle instead of a rectanglar window, and X resets intermittently.But if that happens it was your fault not khamer's, I did the same as listed above and works fine.Uninstall of Intel® Graphics for Linux 2.0.3 to a 16.10 @ skylake.You can select, copy and paste terminal content and most dialogue messages in Ubuntu. )This should work fine, just pay attention while you do it, and maybe make sure your terminal keeps its history.This way if something happens and you get stuck in some kind of package/repo conflict black hole you can find your way back.Open Gnome Terminal to update your system using APT package manager.Enter the following command to synchronize your package list and install all available updates:sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade The command "dist-upgrade" ensures that APT resolves all package dependencies during the upgrade.

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You can install the most recent drivers yourself, but be careful: you may run into issues if you do this.

You may bump into bugs even if you download the latest graphics drivers directly from the manufacturer.

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