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This conference is intended to bridge theoretical and empirical research on adversarial modeling, and facilitate transitioning of the best existing models of adversary behavior into practice by assessing and demonstrating their validity and applicability to real-world problems.

A secondary goal of the conference is to encourage synergy and communication between risk analysts, statisticians, economists, and other social scientists engaged in terrorism modeling and research.

Increased production throughput and quality are key ingredients for profitability and customer satisfaction, whether in aerospace industries or consumer goods manufacturing.

Our suite of solutions for the all-digital environment addresses long-standing challenges in data interoperability for both legacy and future products, systems, and platforms.” CADValidator functionality highlighted Model-Based Definition (MBD) enables the automation of 3D data capture and comparison capabilities.

The aim of this note is to validate Wagstaff and van Doorslaer's approach of constructing a continuous health measure to be used in the analysis of inequalities in health.

We calculate health concentration indices for Uppsala County in Sweden based on three different health status measures: health measured according to the Wv D approach based on a self-assessed categorical health measure, health measured by the rating scale method, and health measured by the time trade-off method.


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Combining Stratasys 3D printing with Moldex3D simulation software, customers have an enhanced solution for validating and testing thermoplastic parts and molds for fast and inexpensive production,” added Gil Robinson, Head of Molding Use Case at Stratasys.

Regression Maple: regression coverage of concurrent testing on validating bug-fixing (Outstanding Academic Papers by Students (OAPS)).

But, in fact, threads are executed one by one in a small time slice, and communicate with each other (for example, via shared memory).

It gives a progressive method for developers to test their concurrent software.

While Maple is good at detecting concurrency bugs with respect to the same input, it is not without its flaws.

Using Moldex3D to predict unbalanced flow in a 3D printed injection mold by Stratasys “Simulation has increasingly permeated many aspects of product development process, from initial concept design, prototyping to production,” said Venny Yang, President at Moldex3D.